Our Tourism Policy

We believe that not all vacations are equal. Some are what we would deem as fair and responsible, while others we would not. This tourism policy allows you to understand how we screen our partners and what we look for.


1. Sustainability Policies:

Do our partners have clear and written sustainability policies? If so, we consider this a huge plus as this shows that they care enough about the environment to have a policy in place to ensure their practices are up to stringent environmental standards and are being transparent about it.

2. Third-Party Verification:

Partners certified by a third party, such as Sustainable Tourism International, demonstrate a dedication to the philosophy of responsible and ethical tourism.

3. Local, local, local:

Sustainable travel centralizes on its ability to stay local. Are our partners committed to hiring local guides, buying from local businesses and suppliers; do they emphasize getting in touch with local people and learning about the culture? These are important questions we like to ask our partners.

4. Environmental Impacts:

Are our partners looking carefully at the environmental impacts of their operations? Are they aware of any disturbance to local ecosystems or wildlife? What about carbon emissions – do they have a carbon reduction plan? These are just some of the questions we ask our partners.

5. Social Welfare and Human Rights:

If our partners operate in countries where social welfare and human rights are a concern, we ask our partners if they have a policy or plan in place to ensure they are doing what they can to mitigate any potential human rights issues.

6. Animal Rights:

If our partners operate in a business that’s linked to viewing wildlife, then it’s inherently important that they have an animal welfare policy to ensure animals, wild or captive, are not being exploited.

7. Giving Back:

We try our best to give back to local communities and we ask that our partners try to do the same.

8. Safety:

Safety is of paramount importance. We screen our partners to ensure they’re operating in an environment where locals and travelers’ personal safety are not being compromised.

9. Positivity:

FairAway Travel was inspired by the fact that we can travel and still have a positive impact. So it’s important to us that our partners share the same philosophy.

10. Having fun:

It’s a vacation after all! And what are we there to do? Have fun! Here at FairAway we want to emphasize that, because no holiday is complete if you were bummed out the entire time. We do our very best to find great partners who run trips where you’ll be sure to have tons of fun!