Privacy Policy

FairAway Travel will never share any personal information such as traveler names, phone numbers, email address, ages, genders, nationality or any other personal data that could compromise their safety. Any traveler who expresses interest in a particular trip(s) will have their inquiries sent directly to the supplier/partner(s). In these instances, your info may be shared directly with the hotel or tour operator you've expressed an interest in, but never with another company.

All direct inquiries to FairAway Travel will have their personal information kept private and will not be shared in any way. 

If you are a partner/supplier, your company's information will be kept private and will never be shared with another partner/supplier. This includes trade secrets, company policies, names of employees, payment details, email addresses, and any other private company information.


FairAway Travel is not liable for any property or personal damage or injury while on a holiday found on All of our partners are responsible for the well-being of travelers and thus, all inquiries about property or personal damage or injury must be directed to the tour operator or hotel directly. If something had happened on a holiday that you found on FairAway Travel, please contact the hotel or tour operator directly as we are not liable for any negative experiences occurred with the tour operator or hotel. 

All information presented on FairAway Travel has been provided to us by our partners themselves. Any false claims, advertising, or inconsistencies between the trip/hotel description should be taken up with the tour operator or hotel directly. We appreciate any feedback if in fact a tour operator or hotel is falsely presenting their information. We will follow up on any request to review a partners' trip or hotel. However, we are not liable for any misleading information, as once again, all trip and hotel descriptions have been provided to us from our partners. 


FairAway Travel is not a travel agency. We are simply a resource website for travelers to use to learn about sustainable tourism and to find trips that we deem are sustainable, responsible and ethical. We cannot advise on matters such as: visa requirements, booking flights, travel warnings and advisories, traveling with minors, travel insurance, vaccinations, what to bring on a trip, personal safety, protection from theft, medical and physical restrictions, currency exchanges and other duties of a typical travel agency. If you have questions about any of the above or other questions related to a specific trip or hotel, please get in touch with the hotel or tour operator directly as FairAway Travel is simply a referral website and not a travel agency. We are not liable for travelers who do not obtain proper visas, travel with invalid passports, or any other mishaps when booking a trip with a hotel or tour operator.

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