Mission Statement

Creating the spirit of adventure by encouraging people of all walks of life to travel the world in a fair and responsible manner. One which respects and supports local cultures, environments and economies and creates a positive impact for the people and the places we travel to.


Our values guide us in creating a space for sustainable tourism to flourish, and they include:

  • Creating the spirit of adventure that intrinsically lie within us.
  • Creating a positive impact while we travel the world.
  • Respecting local cultures.
  • Respecting the environment, both locally and abroad.
  • Supporting local communities and businesses.
  • Supporting local economies.
  • Educating the public about sustainable tourism.
  • Emphasizing a truly authentic cultural experience.
  • Ensuring our travel activities do not disturb local ecosystems or deplete natural resources.
  • The safety of tourists and locals alike.
  • Having fun!