Mexico Sustainable Travel Guide


What comes to mind when you think of travelling to Mexico? Is it the delicious food? How about the sunny beaches? For some, it’s about the all-inclusive resorts. Indeed, Mexico is one of the largest producers of these kinds of holidays. But it’s not what we encourage at FairAway Travel.

To travel more sustainably and responsibly in Mexico, we encourage avoiding all-inclusive vacations. All-inclusive resorts are certainly guilty of a few major infractions (from a sustainable tourism perspective). First off, waste is a major factor in designating them as unsustainable. The amount of food waste created in these environments is simply staggering! Next, they do little for the local economy. When staying at these resorts, the majority of the profits are enjoyed by international corporations. Finally, culture: staying at all-inclusive resorts often has little regard for traditional cultures and architecture. You're not very likely to meet many locals at the resorts either. This limits your ability to experience authentic Mexican culture.

In comparison, you can find wonderful and well-reviewed hotels and lodges owned by locals. If you do your research you can find an amazing hotel that’s clean, safe, and contains all the standard amenities. By staying with them, you’re supporting the local economy and helping a local business that really benefits from your travel dollars.

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You may also want to avoid large cruises. Food waste, fuel, and ship strikes against whales and sharks are the main reasons to avoid cruises. Additionally, little to none of the money you spend goes towards local businesses or to the economy. Furthermore, there is absolutely zero cultural value with large cruise vacations.

To travel more sustainably in Mexico, think local. Hire local tour guides, shop at local stores and eat at local restaurants, and stay at smaller, local hotels and lodges. In doing so, you are helping small businesses, you get to enjoy authentic Mexican culture, and your travel dollars will stay within the country, helping the local economy and local people.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to imagine yourself sipping margaritas on the beach while vacationing in Mexico. We’re here to say that you can still achieve this vacation, but in a way that creates as a positive impact. By avoiding large multinational hotel chains and cruises, you also avoid all the unsustainable pitfalls they’re known for. By electing to stay at hotels owned by locals, and eating and shopping locally, you can achieve the vacation you’ve always envisioned, while taking the time to emphasize a greater cultural experience and helping those who will truly benefit from your travel dollars.