Guatemala Sustainable Travel Guide


Similar to the size of Iceland at 108,000 square kms of landmass, Guatemala shares borders with Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico.  This makes it an ideal location to add to your Central America travel plans.  It has a fairly long coastline along the Pacific Ocean and a coastline that grazes the Caribbean.  Guatemala City, its capital, is home to over 1.1 million of its 16.3 million people nationwide.

Over a million international travellers visits this beautiful country every year.  From the ancient Mayan ruins to the volcanoes, spectacular scenery surrounds you.  The lush rainforests provide an abundance of wildlife, and Lake Atiitlan provides a stunning backdrop.  With the region’s population topping 40% indigenous, it is full of culture.  This is evident by the traditional garb and crafts displayed at the colourful local fiesta or markets, the multiple native dialects, and religious practices that combine aspects of both Mayan and Catholic idealogies.  There is also a thriving nightlife in the area known as Zona Viva. If something more subdued is your thing, you can check the cobblestone streets and preserved Spanish colonial structures in Antigua.

Responsible photography is appreciated in Guatemala.  Always properly ask for permission prior to snapping a pic!

In May of 2018, Guatemala's most iconic volcano, Volcan Del Fuego, erupted near the capital of Guatemala City, killing approximately 100 people. As of this writing, the eruption is only a week old. Tourism in the region has certainly been affected, and travellers are encouraged to take extreme caution if planning a trip to Guatemala. If you'd like to make a donation to the relief efforts,  a number of charities are accepting donations to help the victims of the disaster.