Bahamas Sustainable Travel Guide


Made up of over 700 flat coral islands (of which, 40 are inhabited) and situated southeast of Florida, the Bahamas is one of the most desirable travel destinations out there.  Everywhere you go you will be surrounded by the sea and have seemingly endless options for sailing, diving, snorkelling and fishing.  Although the culture is strongly influenced by America, the people are sure to embrace and celebrate their African heritage. The Junkanoo, a post Christmas carnival, is a prime example.

The Bahamas have maintained a good record of conservation, however the tourism industry has placed stress on the local environment.  Waste management, water equity and coral reef conservation are all serious considerations. Tourists, in any part of the world, tend to be more wasteful so considerable effort is put into sustaining the Bahamas' natural beauty, which makes it such an attractive destination.  Choosing to travel to the Bahamas by air as oppose to jumping on a cruise ship will allow you to put more of your travel dollars into local economies such as hotels, restaurants and street vendors.  It will also also help offset the impact to the 3 major issues mentioned above.

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Bahamas are the swimming pigs found on Big Major Cay. However, in 2017, seven of the pigs were found dead. Foul play by tourists was initially suspected, with the leading theory being that tourists had fed these pigs alcohol. This turned out to be false, but the cause of deaths were still caused by humans and tourists. It was found that large amounts of sand were found in their stomachs. They had ingested the sand as tourists had started to throw food onto the beaches as a treat for the pigs. With a handful of these beautiful creatures dead, it is a reminder that as tourists, we have to respect local wildlife. This definitely means avoiding feeding them. In this case, it directly led to the deaths of these animals, while the more common scenario is that the wildlife become dependent on humans for food. 

Although there are all inclusive resorts available, bed and breakfasts' are the better option and will provide you with optimal freedom and choice during your holiday.  The culture of the Bahamas is often best described as easy going, friendly and hospitable.  Choosing an ethical approach to your travels here will allow yourself to be better immersed and engaged with the culture.  This will all add up to a more rewarding and enjoyable vacation.